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Having in mind that the wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, we have prepared a list of things that should be taken into consideration and dealt with, in advance so that when the big day arrives all will run smoothly. Before, during and after the ceremony, there are many different aspects and details that can be dealt with in advance, in order to make your wedding day a memorable one. Please take some time to read the following suggestions.

Choose the type of wedding, the size, the level of formality, the place. Choose the day and the time. Contact the official who will be performing the wedding (priest/pastor/judge), and make reservations for: the date; the time and the rehearsal. Try to establish an estimate of the costs. Decide who is paying for what. Choose the wedding rings together with your fiance. Decide on the number of guests. Plan the reception and the banquet. Book the hall. Decide on the caterer and get a contract signed. Choose and book a photographer. Choose and book a videographer. Choose and book the entertainment (band/D.J./piano player...) and choose the music. Make a list of the guests’ names and addresses. Decide on the colour-theme you wish for your
wedding. Choose and invite the bridesmaids and ushers. Choose the dress and accessories (veil/hat). Book the times for the fittings and the delivery day. Choose the dresses and other accessories for the bridesmaids. Choose the travel agency and start planning your honeymoon. Decide together where you wish to live, once married.

Announce your engagement in the newspaper. Open a bridal registry in the commercial establishment you prefer. Make a list of the presents you receive and send thank you cards/letters.
Choose and book the florist and/or the balloon company or decorator and let them know the colour-theme you have chosen for the wedding. Start choosing and buying the bride and groom’s clothing. Book the sound equipment for the reception.

Start a health and exercise program. Order the invitations and other accessories (matches/bombonnieres). Check and complete the guest list. Help the mothers (the bride’s and groom’s) choose their dresses for the wedding. Make sure all the garments have been ordered. Start buying the trousseau (if you already have one, check if it has everything you need and buy what is missing). Get information on any blood tests or licenses you might need to have. Try out the hair style you wish for you wedding day. Choose the bakery and order the wedding cake and any other pastries.

Make sure the dresses for the bridesmaids and for the flower girl have been chosen and ordered correctly. If not, do it now. Check if the suits for the groom, ushers and wedding ring boy/girl has been chosen and ordered correctly. If not, do so. Start mailing the invitations. To out of town guests, invitations should be sent 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding date. For guests abroad the invitations should be mailed even before then. Buy the accessories for the wedding day, eg: candles, cushion for the rings, the garter,etc.Confirm the official wedding ceremony with the priest/pastor/judge. Check and prepare the rehearsal details. Plan the party for the bridesmaids and ushers. Choose and book the drinks for the reception. Choose someone to be in charge of the guests’ book. Make the appointment with the hairdresser. Make the necessary accommodation and transportation arrangements for out of town guests who might need them. Make sure all your honeymoon plans are arranged and that everything has been correctly booked. Start moving your belongings into your new home. Buy any furniture you need, etc. and get it ready for your future life together.

Finish mailing out your last invitations (exactly four weeks before the date). Do the blood tests and get the marriage license. Do the last fitting of your wedding dress. Make sure the bridesmaids and the flower girl have also the last fitting of their dresses. Get the presents for all: the bridesmaids, the flower girl, the maid of honor, the ushers, the best man, the ring-boy and the parents. Get the bombonnieres for the guests. Buy a present for the groom/bride. Finish completing your trousseau. Give a party to the bridesmaids and ushers. Organize a detailed timetable for the wedding day. Draw a map to help the guests get to the church and hall without problems. Finalize all of the details regarding drinks, equipment needed, etc...

Contact the guests who have not yet replied to the invitation. Get the wedding rings and make sure the size is right and the inscription is correct. Meet with the photographer and let him know about any special pictures you would like him to take. Meet the videographer and give him a list of what will be happening during the wedding day and the special people you would like to be included in the video. Meet with the band/D.J. and give the list of the songs you wish to be played on the special occasions e.g. first dance, the father-daughter dance, etc... Keep on writing thank you cards/letters.

Inform the caterer of the correct total number of people. Provide all involved a map and time for the ceremony and reception rehearsals. Recheck all the details and times with the different companies involved. Organize the seating plan. Notify all the bridesmaids and ushers of the tasks they’ll have to perform. Make sure you know who has the wedding rings. Meet with the makeup person and try out the best makeup for the big day. Get everything you will be wearing on the wedding day and make sure all fits well. Keep on writing thank you cards/letters. Pack the suitcases for the honeymoon. Go to the beauty parlous for depilation. Finish all the details for out of town guests’ accommodation and transportation.

Finish up all the details. Give the envelope with the money for the priest/pastor/etc. to the best man so he can hand if over to the wedding official after the ceremony. For the bride: Go to the beauty parlour and have your finger and toe nails manicured, a facial and a good massage. For the groom: Go the barber, have your hair cut or treated and then relax with a massage.
Try to have a good restful sleep... this is the night before the big day!

Keep calm and easy. Do not forget the wedding rings and the marriage license. Check with the florist that all the flowers will be delivered on time. Have your makeup and hair done slowly and calmly. Start getting dressed 2 to 3 hours before the wedding ceremony. If you have a photographer all the bride’s party (bridesmaids, flower girl etc.) should be ready about two hours before the wedding.
Ask for the music to start a half hour before the wedding. Ask the persons in charge to show the guests to their seats upon arrival.
The groom’s parents should be sitting inside the church (on the right side), if possible about 5 minutes before the ceremony starts.
The bride’s mother should be seated inside the church (on the left side) just before the bride comes in. Or if she prefers could walk in on the other side of the bride’s father.

Well here you are finally, married...
Just married! It’s time to start your new life together. What a better beginning than a wonderful, romantic honeymoon. Please, do have a happy one. Write and mail all the remaining thank you cards/letters as soon as possible.
Change the address, your name and/or you status on all the documents, insurances, credit cards... as soon as possible.
Have your wedding dress dry cleaned and sealed. Go on writing thank you notes/letters, and be happy.

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