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Why Do Brides Carry Flowers?
In the Roman days brides used to carry small bunches of herbs and spices underneath the veil that covered them. Some years later, in England, the herbs were substituted by orange-blossoms. Both, the herbs and the orange-blossoms symbolize fertility. But the years went by and in our days roses became the most chosen flowers for the bride as they also symbolize fertility. Since roses bloom in June and July they became the most natural months for weddings.

The Best Man
Usually the groom’s best friend is chosen to be the best-man at his wedding. We can find this tradition of the groom’s best friend in the past, when it was the best friend’s duty to help the groom in detecting the whereabouts of the bride. Both, the groom and his best friend, would jointly run the perils in capturing the bride. He was called by all “the groom’s true best friend”.

Why The Blue Garter?
In the beginning the tradition was not a blue garter but several blue ribbons which were spread out over the bride’s dress and they expressed true love. Today those ribbons were substituted by the blue garter.

Why Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed,
And Something Blue?

Something old:
Anything that has been used by a happy and very close person to the bride, should be used by the bride as a symbol to ensure the couple’s happiness.
Something new:
This should be the dress. It means that a new life is about to start.
Something borrowed:
Once again happiness is at stake. It is said that it brings happiness to wear something borrowed from a close friend/relative/family who has a very happy married life, so that not only the friendship but also the happiness is shared.
Something blue:
Blue signifies true love.

Why is the Wedding Cake Done in Layers?
The main reason is to symbolize prosperity. It all started some years ago at an Anglo-Saxon wedding when the guests brought small cakes and placed them one on top of the other forming a high pyramid. Then the newly weds had to try and kiss. Since then the tradition is carried out in making the wedding cake in layers.

Wedding Attire
The wedding attire has its own rules, and requires also some good taste and style. So if the bride’s mother decides on a long dress, the groom’s mother is compelled to choose also a long dress so that she does not clash. With regards to the maid of honor and the bridesmaids they should all dress in the same kind of style and colour. In the group there is only one who is dressed in a different manner than the bride, all the attention should fall only upon her. If you wish that one of your bridesmaids is a bit different from the others (sister/cousin) give her a different kind of hat or different flowers. It will be enough for her to be noticed. The groom and the ring boy should be
dressed in the same style. The best man should be dressed up in accordance with the bridesmaids.

When the Wedding Takes Plave in the Afternoon
In this case the bride can choose a two piece suit (skirt and coat) complemented by a short veil or a hat and, a pair of gloves. The bride’s mother and the bridesmaids should follow the bride’s style.
With regards to the groom's suit, in this situation, it is more flexible. It depends on his own taste. A black suit, a dark grey or dark blue one is a classical choice.

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