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A Toast to the Bride
It is always a pleasure to propose a toast to the bride. It is considered to be a very special and delicate moment. It does not consist only in raising the glass and toasting but also in saying some words about the good qualities and the good times spent together without forgetting to wish the bride all the very best in her new life.

The Groom Replies to the Toast Made to the Bride
On his reply the room has to praise the bride’s great qualities in both aspects sentimental and visual. He has to express gratitude to the bride’s parents for giving him their daughter to be his wife. The groom should also thank all the guests for their presence and finally his gratitude should be directed to the best-man and to all those who helped in making their wedding day a success.

The Best Man Follows the Groom on the Reply to the Toast
In his response, he should express his gratitude to the groom for choosing him to be the best- man and should also wish the groom all the very best in his marriage.

The Final Toast is Proposed by the Bride’s Father
This is a very special toast. It is a toast from a father who gave away his daughter, wishing her a long life full of love, happiness and joy together with the man she has chosen to share her future with. It is a very emotional moment, which will be remembered.

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