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The ushers should place themselves by the benches in the aisle. The bridesmaids should then walk in the church as follows:

1. The youngest member, followed by the others
2. The maid of honor
3. The ring boy
4. The bride and her father

The Ceremony
The bride joins the groom who waits for her at the altar. The maid of honor joins the best-man. The ring boy joins the flower girl. The bridesmaids join the ushers. The bride’s mother joins the bride’s father. The grooms father joins the groom’s mother.

Welcoming party at the reception
1. Bride’s mother
2. Groom’s father
3. Groom's mother
4. Bride’s father
5. Bride
6. Groom
7. Maid of honor
8. Best-man
9. Bridesmaids


Maid of honor
Before the wedding:
She must help choosing the dresses for the bridesmaids and attend the fittings, and she should help writing the addresses on the envelopes for the invitations. She should also organize a surprise shower for the bride to be.
On the wedding day:
The maid of honor should go to the bride’s house early so that she helps the bride not only in getting dressed up but also to pack for the honeymoon. At the church, during the ceremony she should be ready to hold the rings, the bride’s flowers and help the bride with the veil and the train of the dress whenever necessary, and finally must sign the wedding certificate. At the reception she should sit next to the best-man and should be ready to propose a toast to the bridal pair. She should be ready to help the bride change into the second dress if asked to.


Their duties are:
To help the bride in the preparation and organization prior to the wedding day, eg: help with addressing the invitation envelopes, and organizing a surprise shower for the bride. On the wedding day they must look happy, smile and mingle with the guests during the reception.

Before the wedding day:
He should organize a stag party for the groom. It is his duty to make sure that all the reservations for the honeymoon are correct He must ensure the groom’s transportation to the church on the wedding day.
On the wedding day:
He must go early to the groom’s house to help him get ready for the wedding and with packing for the honeymoon. It is also his duty to get the newlyweds transportation after the reception. At the church he is in charge of giving the priest a gratuity (tip), and has to sign the marriage certificate.
At the reception he is the first one to propose a toast to the bride, should ask the bride and bridesmaids for a dance and should read any congratulation letter, telegram or postcard sent to the hall from absent friends.

Before the wedding:
They should help the best-man organize the stag party for the groom.
On the wedding day:
They should show the guests to their places at the church, the brides’ guests on the left side of the church and the groom’s guests on the right. At the reception they should dance with the bridesmaids.

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