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   Tangles Unisex Hair design! If you are either modern or conservative your wedding day will start a new step in your life which will last forever. Be it a very special occasion or a very modest one, the way you look will be registered on video or on pictures... a souvenir to be cherished, for a long time, by yourself, family and friends. When the word "bride" is mentioned, immediately one thinks about the wedding dress, but there are other things that are as important; and to not believe that at the last moment you will be able to find someone to touch up your hair, which is also of the most importance. Besides your hair, there are other details that have to be taken care of, to avoid regrets, in the future, every time you look at the pictures or see the video. The hands and face should not be forgotten. If you wish to avoid the last minute unpleasant surprises, we suggest a visit toTangles, one of the most modern hair salons in Toronto, where up to date and experienced personale will offer you a varied range of services, from manicure to pedicure, facials to tanning, and will give you the advice you need. There is more than one reason to visit this hair salon located at 1389 Dundas Street West, east of Dufferin. Who knows... you might become a client. You will realize that our advice will not cost you any money and it will even give you some peace of mind on such buzy and exciting day, your wedding day! You could even suggest some of your friends to go there. They will be very thankful. And on that special day, as the other guest will say: "what a beautiful bride!" your friends will reply: "of course!... she went to my hairdresser!" Deep inside you will know that you did go to your hairdresser! But what really matters is the fact that you will look extremely beautiful!!!

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